Bonchon Promo Code: Discounts, Offers, And New Deals

Are you craving some delicious Korean fried chicken? Well, we’ve got some finger-licking news for you! Use the exclusive Bonchon promo code “ASIANFAVES” when ordering from Bonchon and enjoy a flat 20% discount on your total food and beverage order value.

Taking advantage of promo codes like this one is a smart way to savor your favorite meals at a discounted price. Just like how Upside helps you save on gas, and 7-Eleven offers great deals on snacks, using the Bonchon promo code allows you to treat yourself to a delicious Korean feast.

So why miss out on this incredible opportunity to indulge in crispy, juicy chicken at a fraction of the regular price? Plus, we’ll share even more exclusive codes, discounts, and promotions on this page, ensuring you never have to pay full price for your favorite Korean fried chicken again.

Use the exclusive Bonchon promo code “ASIANFAVES” while ordering your favorite Korean dishes and enjoy a flat 20% off on the total order value.

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Bonchon Promo Code: Get Up To $131 Off

Have you heard about the Bonchon promo code that’s been making waves lately? If not, let us fill you in because this is something you definitely don’t want to miss. You’ll now get to enjoy those mouthwatering Korean fried chicken wings at an even better price.

When you use the Bonchon promo code “ASIANFAVES” while ordering from their online store or app, you can get an extra 20% off (up to $131) your total food order value. This means more delicious food without emptying your wallet. Whether you’re craving some crispy, juicy Korean fried chicken or the savory soy garlic flavor, Bonchon has got you covered.

Whether you’re craving their signature wings, strips, or drumsticks, you can enjoy more of what you love at a lower price. Plus, with the convenience of online ordering, you can have your favorite dishes delivered right to your doorstep or ready for pickup at your nearest location.

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Landing page of the Bonchon website.

How To Use The Bonchon Promo Code?

Redeeming the exclusive Bonchon promo code is easier than before in 2024! We’ll now guide you through the process step-by-step so you can quickly and easily apply the code to your order and indulge in your favorite Korean fried chicken dishes at a discounted price.

Follow these steps to easily redeem your Bonchon promo code for extra discounts:

  1. Visit the official website of Bonchon or open their mobile app (available on App Store and Play Store).
  2. Browse the menu and add your desired dishes and beverages to your cart.
  3. Once you’ve finished selecting your meals, proceed to the checkout page.
  4. Locate the promo code field (you’ll find it near the payment section).
  5. Enter the exclusive code “ASIANFAVES” in the designated field.
  6. Click on the “Apply” button to see your updated total reflecting the flat 20% discount.
  7. Complete the checkout process by entering delivery/pickup information.
  8. Finally, select your preferred payment option and pay the rest of the amount (after the discount).

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Bonchon Coupons: For Maximum Savings In 2024

If you’re looking to indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of Bonchon while keeping your budget in check, Bonchon coupon codes are your best friend. These incredible codes offer an extra discount on your favorite Korean fried chicken dishes, making it easier than ever to treat yourself.

Here are five exclusive Bonchon coupon codes to use on your next Korean food order:

  • 2FOR1: BOGO (Buy one, get one free).
  • 10-OFF: Flat 10% discount on orders above $35.
  • BONCHON15: Up to 15% off on order value.
  • 10OFF50: Get $10 off on orders above $50.
  • SHIPFREE: Free shipping for all online orders.

These coupon codes will unlock exclusive deals, making your dining experience even sweeter. Plus, they pair perfectly with apps like ReceiptPal and Merryfield, allowing you to earn rewards on your purchases.

Trio Meal on Bonchon website.

Bonchon Offers And Promotions: Get Discounts On Korean Fried Chicken

Bonchon is always cooking up new ways to help you savor their delectable Korean fried chicken without breaking the bank. By staying up to date on the latest Bonchon offers, you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to indulge in their crispy, juicy chicken at a fraction of the regular price.

Check out these four fantastic discounts and promotions currently available at Bonchon:

  • Weekday Lunch Special: Enjoy a delicious Korean lunch at a discounted price with Bonchon’s weekday lunch special. This offer includes a meal for one at a special price, available from Monday to Friday.
  • Family Meal Deal: Planning a family dinner? Bonchon’s family meal deal is just what you need. This offer includes a variety of dishes at a discounted price, perfect for a family of four.
  • Happy Hour: Every Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm, Bonchon offers a special Happy Hour promotion where you can enjoy 25% off select appetizers and $1 off beer and wine.
  • Student Discount: With a valid student ID, you can enjoy 10% off your total bill at participating Bonchon locations.

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What Is Bonchon?

Bonchon is a globally renowned Korean fried chicken restaurant chain founded in Busan, South Korea, in 2002. The name “Bonchon” translates to “my hometown” in Korean.

With over 122 locations in the United States and more than 400 locations worldwide (8 countries), Bonchon has gained a loyal following for its distinctive double-fried chicken, which boasts a crispy exterior and juicy interior.

The chicken is hand-brushed with a choice of two signature sauces: Soy Garlic or Spicy. Bonchon’s menu also features other popular Korean dishes, such as kimchi, Korean tacos, and bulgogi.

The restaurant chain has received numerous accolades, including being named “The Best Fried Chicken in America” by Esquire Magazine and “The Best Fried Chicken in New York” by Eater NY.

Bonchon’s global success can be attributed to its commitment to using high-quality ingredients, maintaining consistency in taste and texture, and providing excellent customer service. With plans for continued expansion, Bonchon aims to bring its flavorful Korean fried chicken to even more food enthusiasts around the world.

iOS app of Bonchon listed on Apple App Store.

Unique Things About Bonchon

Bonchon has taken the culinary world by storm with its exceptional Korean-inspired menu. With a focus on quality ingredients, unique cooking techniques, and bold flavors, Bonchon has set itself apart from other fast-casual dining establishments in the US.

Let’s explore five unique aspects of Bonchon that keep customers coming back for more:

  • Double-Fried Chicken: Their double-fried chicken undergoes a meticulous cooking process to achieve a perfectly crispy exterior while maintaining a juicy, tender interior.
  • Signature Sauces: The Soy Garlic sauce is a savory blend of soy sauce, garlic, and other aromatic ingredients, while the Spicy sauce packs a fiery punch with a blend of gochujang (Korean red chili paste) and spices.
  • Korean Fusion Menu: From Korean tacos and sliders to bibimbap and japchae, Bonchon offers a variety of Korean-inspired dishes with a modern twist. Their menu showcases the diverse flavors of Korean cuisine.
  • Customizable Heat Levels: Bonchon allows customers to customize the spice level of their fried chicken. Whether you prefer a mild kick or a blazing inferno, you can tailor your order to suit your taste preferences.
  • Focus on Freshness: Bonchon prioritizes using fresh, high-quality ingredients, contributing to the overall satisfying taste of their food.

These unique aspects of Bonchon make it a go-to destination for food lovers looking for an authentic Korean dining experience.

Bonchon Customer Support

Bonchon values its customers and strives to provide exceptional support. They offer multiple channels to ensure customers can get in touch easily and quickly for any kind of assistance.

Whether you have a question about your order, need assistance with a promo code, or want to share feedback, Bonchon offers multiple channels to get in touch:

  • Direct Support: Contact Form
  • Phone Number: 212-273-1111 (Headquarter) & 631-538-0244 (Franchising)
  • Email (For US):

You can also reach out through their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter (now X), or Instagram. Their customer support team is here for you!

Final Note

The Bonchon promo code ASIANFAVES is an incredible way to savor the delectable flavors of Korean fried chicken while enjoying significant savings. Just like how Papa John’s discounts and 7-Eleven deals help you save on pizza and snacks, this exclusive code allows you to indulge in Bonchon’s mouthwatering menu.

So, what are you waiting for? Use the code “ASIANFAVES” on your next Bonchon order and taste the difference for yourself. Happy saving and happy eating!


Bonchon chicken is priced higher due to its high-quality ingredients, meticulous cooking process, and unique double-frying technique. This ensures a consistently crispy exterior and juicy interior, setting it apart from other fried chicken brands.

While Korean Fried Chicken and KFC both offer fried chicken, Korean Fried Chicken generally uses a thinner batter and double-frying technique, resulting in a lighter, crispier texture. However, both should be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet, as they are still fried foods.

According to the company, Bonchon means “My Hometown”. However, “Bonchon” is actually a combination of two Korean words. “Bon” means “original” or “authentic,” and “Chon” means “village.” Together, “Bonchon” translates to “original village,” symbolizing the restaurant’s commitment to delivering authentic Korean flavors.

Bonchon stands out for its double-fried chicken with an ultra-crispy texture, hand-brushed sauces for bold flavor, and a Korean-inspired menu offering variety beyond just chicken.

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