ReceiptPal Referral Code: Get 1,050 Points As Signup Bonus

What if we say you can now claim reward points just by scanning your purchase receipts with ReceiptPal? Yes, and with the ReceiptPal referral code 1JTKJ9NK, you can now also claim 1,050 points as a signup bonus.

There are several receipt-scanning apps available in the US market that are now offering these welcome rewards. We have previously shared Receipt Hog promo codes with which you can also claim a signup bonus. And this time, we are back with ReceiptPal.

You can also take part in the unique referral program of ReceiptPal to earn extra points to invite your friends. So, don’t miss this exclusive deal, claim your signup bonus, and start getting reward points to scan each of your purchase receipts.

Use the exclusive ReceiptPal referral code 1JTKJ9NK during the registration process to claim 1,050 points as a signup bonus. Also, make 250 points per referral.

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ReceiptPal Referral Code: Claim 1,050 Reward Points

There are many companies present in the receipt-scanning space from where you can claim welcome bonuses as a new user. We have already shared Trunow promo codes and Merryfield promo codes, which are from the same industry.

However, the current joining bonus of ReceiptPal is truly unique. With the ReceiptPal referral code 1JTKJ9NK, you can now easily claim 1,050 reward points.

You’ll receive reward points in three steps. First, you’ll receive 650 points to connect your email address to your ReceiptPal account. Second, you’ll receive 300 points to connect your Amazon account. And third, you’ll receive 100 points to take a short survey.

All you need to do is use our ReceiptPal referral code and then complete the process we have mentioned above to claim your bonus. Now, let’s see the right way to apply this code.

Home page of the Receiptpal website.

How To Apply The ReceiptPal Referral Code?

You must have already used our ShopKick codes, right? It is also an excellent cashback app which you can also try. And if you have used it already, you already know it is a cakewalk to use any of our referral codes.

Follow the steps mentioned below to claim your welcome bonus from ReceiptPal in 2024.

  • Visit ReceiptPal: Navigate to the official site of ReceiptPal from any browser and click on the “Download” button.
  • Download The App: You can also directly download the app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Make A New Account: Click on the “Signup” button to start the registration process.
  • Use Our Code: Click on the code field and enter the ReceiptPal referral code 1JTKJ9NK.
  • Connect Your Email ID: Link your existing email ID with your ReceiptPal account.
  • Link Your Amazon Account: Now, connect your existing Amazon account with ReceiptPal.
  • Take The Survey: Finally, take the short demographic survey to complete the process.
  • Enjoy Your Reward: Once you complete all the steps, you’ll receive 1,050 reward points in total.

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ReceiptPal Promo Codes: Get More Rewards In 2024

Promo codes are simply amazing. With these unique codes, you can unlock new rewards, claim bonuses, and take part in exclusive promotions. We have previously shared Rakuten promo codes with which you can also claim unique bonuses from this reward app.

Now, it’s time for ReceiptPal. Use any of the ReceiptPal promo codes mentioned below to claim extra bonuses and rewards.

  • X4TZ1Z7G
  • MV7RR
  • HEATHER324
  • 92TPD445

You must visit our website frequently to get updated promo codes, as we include newer codes to ensure our readers always get the best possible experience.

You can also follow the social media handles of ReceiptPal, as they offer new codes, bonuses, and giveaways through their handles. Once you install the app, you can also check available bonuses from the app.

iOS app of Receiptpal listed on the Apple App Store.

ReceiptPal Bonuses And Promotions: Unlock Extra Rewards

There are now several great apps available from the receipt-scanning and cashback industry where you can get amazing bonuses and exclusive rewards. We have already shared Upside codes with which you can claim up to a $10 signup bonus.

But this time, we have found some really cool bonuses and promotions for ReceiptPal. Here are some of the best bonuses available right now.

  • Bonus Games: Unlock a bonus game for each of your four receipt scans. You can claim additional rewards through these games.
  • Sweepstakes Entries: Take part in weekly sweepstakes to win up to $250 in cash rewards and other bonuses.
  • Referral Program: Earn 250 points per referral for inviting your friends and family to this unique app.
  • Climb Up The Tiers: With each scan, you’ll be closer to the next level of membership. The higher the membership level, the more the reward for scanning receipts.

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Landing page of the Receiptpal website.

What Is ReceiptPal?

ReceiptPal is a mobile app that revolutionizes the way individuals manage their receipts and earn rewards. Developed by The NPD Group, a leading market research company, ReceiptPal transforms paper and digital receipts into valuable insights for businesses.

Users simply snap pictures of their receipts, and the app processes the data, contributing to market research while maintaining user privacy.

The app incentivizes users by offering points for every valid receipt submitted. These points can be redeemed for various rewards, including gift cards from popular retailers and charitable donations.

ReceiptPal not only simplifies expense tracking but also allows users to actively participate in shaping consumer trends. By aggregating and anonymizing receipt data, the app provides businesses with valuable market intelligence.

In essence, ReceiptPal blends convenience with consumer empowerment, turning everyday receipts into a currency for both personal benefit and broader market insights.

Android app trailer video screenshot of Receiptpal.

Innovative Features Of ReceiptPal

Many new companies are entering the US marketplace, offering innovative features to attract new customers. We have seen companies like Rebatesme and GoCashbak offering great features as well as unique bonuses.

ReceiptPal is one such app that offers impressive features. Here are some of the best features of this app.

  • Receipt Transformation: ReceiptPal distinguishes itself by seamlessly transforming paper and digital receipts into valuable market insights. Users can effortlessly capture and submit their receipts through the app, contributing to market research without compromising their privacy.
  • Rewarding User Participation: The app motivates users by offering points for every valid receipt submitted. These points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including gift cards from popular retailers and the option to make charitable donations, providing users with tangible incentives for their participation.
  • Market Research Impact: ReceiptPal goes beyond personal benefits, as it aggregates and anonymizes receipt data to provide businesses with valuable market intelligence. This unique feature allows users to actively contribute to shaping consumer trends and preferences through their everyday transactions.
  • User-Friendly Expense Tracking: With its intuitive interface, ReceiptPal simplifies expense tracking for users. The app’s straightforward process of capturing, submitting, and organizing receipts enhances the overall user experience, making it a convenient tool for managing personal finances.

On a different note, are you in search of a new investment account? Then you must check out Fidelity and Sonder, as these two are offering bonuses just for opening a new account.

Final Note

We have recently seen many companies offering a $25 signup bonus. Many even started offering up to a $50 joining bonus. However, very few companies actually live up to expectations in terms of service. But ReceiptPal is genuinely unique.

So, use our ReceiptPal referral code 1JTKJ9NK, claim your reward, and earn cashback for scanning receipts of all your spending, whether it be online or offline. Start your journey to claim your reward and cashback NOW!


Yes, ReceiptPal is a legitimate app developed by The NPD Group, a reputable market research company. It processes receipts for market insights while prioritizing user privacy.

ReceiptPal works by allowing users to capture and submit images of their receipts through the app. The data is then anonymized and used for market research, rewarding users with points that can be redeemed for gift cards or charitable donations.

The number of points you can earn for scanning receipts on ReceiptPal varies, but users typically accumulate points for each valid receipt submission.

To cash out from ReceiptPal, users can redeem their accumulated points for rewards such as gift cards from popular retailers or opt for charitable donations.

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