Instarem Referral Code: Get $35 Signup Bonus + $22 Per Referral

Welcome to the world of hassle-free, cost-effective international money transfers with Instarem! With our exclusive Instarem referral code INEPBF, you can now claim a $30 signup bonus plus 200 points (equivalent to $5) just by opening a new account.

We have previously seen money-transfer companies like WorldRemit offering up to a $50 signup bonus. However, Instarem has already taken this to a new height by offering way more advantages than its top competitors.

We will soon unveil its complete story from its inception as a consumer-remittance platform in 2014 to its evolution into a global fintech giant under the name Nium in 2019. But that’s not all – we’re here to spill the beans on exclusive bonuses as well.

Enjoy a $30 signup bonus plus 200 points ($5) when you use our Instarem referral code INEPBF during the registration process. Also, get a chance to earn $22 per referral.

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Instarem Referral Code: Claim $30 Bonus + 200 Points

We have already shared several referral codes from reputed money-transfer services, such as Payoneer and PayPal. However, Instarem is more geared towards international transfers than domestic ones.

By using our exclusive Instarem referral code INEPBF during the registration process, you unlock a fantastic $30 signup bonus, coupled with 200 InstaPoints after your first successful international money transfer.

These 200 InstaPoints are equivalent to $5, boosting your total signup bonus to a whopping $35.

Additionally, you can also earn 25 InstaPoints for your new account and 100 more points for e-verifying your account.

So, while most FinTech companies are now offering up to a $10 signup bonus, this new startup has already scaled the bonus thrice more. So, don’t miss this exclusive deal and claim your welcome bonus right now.

Landing page of the Instarem website.

How To Apply The Referral Code On Instarem Website/App?

If you have previously used our Jassby promo codes or GO2bank offer codes, you must have already realized that you don’t need to do anything extra to get the benefits from our exclusive codes.

Our Instarem referral code is no exception, either. Getting your Instarem bonus is as easy as 1-2-3! Follow these simple steps:

  • Visit Instarem: Start your money-transfer journey by visiting the official website of Instarem or by downloading the app (available for both iOS and Android).
  • Sign Up For A New Account: Click on the “Sign Up” button placed at the top-right corner to start the registration process.
  • Enter Your Details: Enter your basic details, such as your name, email ID, desired password, and what type of account you need.
  • Apply Our Code: Click on the referral code box and enter our Instarem referral code INEPBF.
  • Make Your First Transfer: Link your bank account and complete your first international money transfer.
  • Enjoy The Rewards: Once your first transaction is done, you’ll receive the $30 signup bonus directly on your account, along with 200 InstaPoints.

Besides Instarem, there are many fintech and banking companies currently offering fantastic signup bonuses. If you are planning to open a new account, you must check out Key Bank and TD Ameritrade, as these two are also offering fantastic bonuses.

Instarem Promo Codes: Unlock More Benefits

So, you must have already enjoyed the signup bonus. But wait, there’s more! Instarem keeps the excitement alive with ongoing promotions and bonuses.

Check out the Instarem promo codes mentioned below that can unlock additional savings and perks for your transfers. Use any of these in 2024 to unlock extra benefits.

  • RF20X2
  • AMAZE15
  • I4J8VY

On a different note, if you are using a Venmo account for your regular transactions and online purchases, there is an amazing offer waiting for you. Get a Venmo credit card today and enjoy exclusive rewards through the Venmo cashback program for each of your transactions.

Business features listed on the Instarem website.

Instarem Bonuses and Promotions: Earn Much More!

More and more fintech companies are entering the startup space in the US. Each day, we are seeing new features and new products. We are also seeing amazing bonuses and promotions from companies like Pangea and ShakePay.

Instarem goes above and beyond to reward its users. Here’s a sneak peek into the bonuses and promotions waiting for you:

  • InstaPoints: Earn points with every transaction, and the more you transfer, the more InstaPoints you collect.
  • Extra Bonus: Receive a warm welcome with 25 InstaPoints just for signing up.
  • Verification Bonus: Score an extra 100 InstaPoints by completing your e-verification within the first 36 hours after signing up.
  • Earn Points for Every Transaction: Redeem between 100 and 400 InstaPoints per transaction once you meet the minimum transaction amount.

You can also try other fintech services like KOHO, as it is now also offering a $20 signup bonus just for opening a new account. So, don’t miss this exclusive deal this year.

iOS app of Instarem listed on Apple App Store.

What Is Instarem?

Instarem, operated by Nium Pte, is a Singapore-based fintech company that has been revolutionizing cross-border payments since 2014. Fast track to 2024, it has already established itself as one of the key players in the international money-transfer industry.

With its B2B payments platform launched in 2016, Instarem has become a go-to place for individuals and businesses, offering lightning-fast transfers, low fees, and support from over 60 countries.

A brainchild of the visionary minds, Prajit Nanu and Michael Bermingham, Instarem has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Notably, in 2021, Pratik Gandhi was elevated to co-founder status, a testament to the company’s collaborative spirit and leadership evolution.

With a strategic focus on digital transactions, Instarem stands at the forefront of reshaping the dynamics of cross-border fund transfers.

However, Instarem is not the only one that is revolutionizing the fintech sector, especially in the US. You must also check out our exclusive coverage of PaySend and ShareMoney, as these two companies are also offering excellent benefits.

Features of Instarem.

Features of Instarem

To excite new users, many companies promise to offer a lot of innovative features that have no use in real-world situations. However, Instarem has a different strategy in mind, as it is now truly offering unique features that will elevate your money-transfer experience.

There are many things inside the bag of Instarem to offer. So, let’s dive into what makes Instarem stand out in the world of overseas money transfers:

  • Absolute Transparency: Experience full transparency and effortless tracking of your money throughout the transfer process.
  • Suitable Limits: Whether you’re transferring a small or a significant amount, Instarem accommodates your needs. The minimum transfer cap is just $50, and the highest cap is $100,000.
  • Fast and Secure Transfers: Send money confidently, with transactions reaching 60+ countries in just minutes. Also, enjoy peace of mind with end-to-end encryptions.
  • Massive Presence: Join over 1 million satisfied customers, supported in 60+ countries around the globe, with a staggering $6 billion moved each year.
  • Better Exchange Rate: Enjoy great exchange rates, making international money transfers a breeze.

Do you have a Cash App account? If not, you can now claim a $5 signup bonus just by opening a new account on Cash App. All you need is to use our exclusive code to claim the welcome bonus.

Final Note

We have previously seen companies offering up to a $100 signup bonus. However, most of those bonuses can’t be cashed out. However, Instarem is genuinely offering a great benefit as you can use the bonus to get a discount on your transaction charges.

With Instarem, you not only experience seamless money transfers but also unlock a world of savings through the Instarem referral code INEPBF and exciting bonuses. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your international transfers more rewarding than ever!


Absolutely! Instarem, operated by Nium Pte, is a reputable Singapore-based fintech company known for its secure and transparent cross-border payment services.

Instarem prides itself on low fees, providing a cost-effective solution for international money transfers. Check their website for detailed fee information.

Yes, Instarem is available globally. Currently, it is available in 60+ countries all over the world, although they are also rapidly expanding to new locations, especially in Africa and Asia.

Certainly! Instarem offers lucrative bonuses and promotions, including a $30 signup bonus and ongoing InstaPoints rewards. You can also enjoy giveaways and special bonuses offered by Instarem at frequent intervals.

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