Times Club $20 Sign Up Bonus and $20 Referral Bonus

Are you an Indian living in the United States looking for ways to save money? Look no further than Times Club! As a member of the Times Club Referral Bonus, you’ll have access to exclusive cashback offers on everything from dining out to shopping online.

And the best part? Right now, Times Club is offering an exciting sign up bonus for new members. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join a community of savvy savers and start earning cashback today!

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Have you ever wondered how to get cash back from Indian stores like Patel Brothers or other stores like Walmart or Amazon where all Indians shop?

Yes, now it is possible with Times Club Referral Bonus, the best cashback app created only for Indians living in the US.

Times Club Referral Code can get you sign up bonus too. TimesClub Promo Code: j8r6rjca gives you a $20 sign-up bonus for a limited time and there is no membership fee to use the benefits.

The only thing with the Times Club app is that it needs bank linking, where few users unnecessarily worry, so we have other great cashback called RebatesMe and TopCashback, which have massive cashback.

What is the Times Club Sign Up Bonus?

Times Club Referral Bonus is a program made especially for Indians in the US offered by The Times Group, India’s leading media and entertainment company, to offer cashback and other offers.

It offers benefits and perks to its members, such as discounts on products and services, access to exclusive events, and more.

Members can earn points by participating in various activities, such as reading a newspaper or purchasing products and services from Times Group partners.

These points can then be easily used to redeem for various rewards such as free orders, products, and more.

Times Club Referral Bonus helps Indian families living in the USA with the best cashback offers and free trials of premium memberships.

It is totally free to join the Times Club Referral Bonus, and there are no membership fees to access any of the extra benefits. You can use the Times Club Promo code: j8r6rjca to get $20 rewards during signup.

How can you join Times Club?

It is totally free to join the Times Club Sign Up Bonus to avail of the offer it provides. There are no extra charges to get a membership, for that matter.

All the benefits of the Times Club Referral Bonus come with the sign up itself. You don’t have to pay anything extra.

The sign up process is also made simple for any new users to access it easily. You just need to sign up in the app or the site of Times Club to get started with the offers.

Just install the app and proceed with the sign up process in Times Club. Don’t forget to use the referral code “j8r6rjca” for a 20$ bonus in your starting journey of Times Club.

What is the Times Club Referral Offer?

Times Club Referral Bonus
Times Club $20 Sign Up Bonus and $20 Referral Bonus 3

Times Club Referral Bonus Offer is made for the customers to introduce more friends and family to the app.

The Times Club program offers a $20 sign-up bonus and a $100 rollover bonus. You can download the Times Club app from the Android and iOS stores. Get a $20 sign-up bonus by entering the code “j8r6rjca” at registration.

You will also get a $5 bonus if you can link your bank account to track all the credit and debit purchases.

If you can refer to 5 friends or family, you can earn up to $20*5 = $100 $100 bonus. You can also invite unlimited friends, and each of you can easily earn $20 each.

What are the benefits of the Times Club Sign Up Program?

The benefits for an Indian living in the US are vast. If you consider joining the Times Club App, you can avail the maximum benefits of receiving cashback and offers for shopping or any other purposes.

It is the only app to provide such offers for Indians in foreign lands.

The Times Club app is the only app that offers unique benefits and privileges to the Indian community. Joining the Times Club is free for a limited time.

You can also get a $20 bonus when you use promo code j8r6rjca. Use this promo code while you decide to sign up on the app and get the best offers available.

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What are the Cashback offers in the Times Club Sign Up Program?

The Times Club Referral Bonus program offers the best cashback coupons for its users. Get cash back when you shop in-store or online with over 100 exclusive offers and locations.

No Time Club vouchers or vouchers are required for purchase at that time. They already recognize your event.

You just need to be signed up at the app, and you’re good to go. Anytime you shop outside, you can be assured of cashing in some extra money through these offers. You can save up a lot in this way.

What is a 24/7 Concierge in the Times Club Sign Up Program?

If you are based in the US and need some help in India, then you have to pay extra for the service. But the Times Club Referral Bonus brings it to you completely free of charge.

You can apply for anything both in India and elsewhere. The Times Club is ready to help you with all your money-related needs.

Whether it is sending gifts and flowers to your loved ones, servicing leading brands and companies, or managing a property in India, they are here to help. You can definitely count on the Times Club benefits for such matters.

For everything from sales to service, just contact Times Club. No job is too big or small for them, so they can even help you find a good craftsman for your friends and family in India.

If you are looking for an app to save you money in the US. The Times Club app is the best reward for NRIs, where you can get the best rewards and offers.

Times Club Referral Bonus helps Indian families residing in the USA with the best cash compensation offers and their families residing in India.

You can start the membership with a Times Club App with a minimum fee of Rs 999/- ET. You can also get exclusive cash back when you shop across the US – anytime, anywhere in-store or online.

So don’t just keep on waiting to avail the offers that Times Club is giving you. Join today at the Times Club Referral Bonus program and start earning your free money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the cashback system in Times Club work?

Every time you buy something from our partner stores or redeem an offer online using our app, you can earn cashback. You must use a credit card from a bank linked to Times Club to claim money on any offer.

Why does the Times Club need my bank information?

The Times Club needs your bank details so that it can automatically refund you in cash every time you shop with our partners. You can also get the referred money from your friends directly in your bank.

Is it safe to provide my bank information?

Yes. It is totally safe to provide your details with the Times Club to avail the required offers. The Times Club App does not store the login credentials of customers on the servers. We also use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure the secure transmission of your information to Times Club. If you have any doubts or queries regarding the same, you can contact the help given on the app.

When is it possible to withdraw my cashback from the Times Club App?

You can easily be able to withdraw the cashback to your linked bank account the moment you have reached a total of $30 in your wallet. This is the limit; once cleared, you can withdraw your cashback.

When can I get the cashback after my purchase?

Within 7 working days of a successful purchase, we will send a pending refund, and after 30 days, it will be credited to your Times Club account.

Why is the limit to withdraw the cashback?

Accumulating $30 in your account will help you avoid wire transfer fees when transferring money to a bank account.

What is the India Concierge in the Times Club?

India Concierge is a personal assistant to help you with any task in India. For example, managing real estate, buying gifts for the family, planning a trip, or searching for documents.

Is the India Concierge free?

Yes, it is totally free. You only have to pay for the minimum cost of the service that you are requesting.

What are the extra benefits one can get from a Times Club Referral Bonus membership?

When you join Times Club, you get a 6-month Gaana subscription with it, 3 months of Willow subscription, 3 months free ET Prime, and 1 year free Times Prime for Indian families. You can share the offer with your family living there. You’ll also get a $5 cash bonus for signing up that just adds fun more into it.

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