Grifols Plasma Referral Code: Get $400 Signup Bonus In 2024

Are you planning to donate plasma to Grifols Plasma? If yes, we have a mega deal for you. You can now also enjoy a $400 signup bonus just by using our exclusive Grifols Plasma referral code DONOR400. Besides, you can also earn bonuses till your 7th donation.

We have already seen other plasma donation centers, such as CSL Plasma, offering up to a $100 signup bonus every time you list yourself for plasma donation. However, what Grifols is currently offering is simply one of a kind.

Beyond the signup bonus (which is genuinely lucrative), Grifols offers much more! From periodic bonuses to easy blood collection, you’ll witness a truly fantastic experience with Grifols. So, don’t wait, and start your plasma donation today!

Use our exclusive Grifols Plasma referral code DONOR400 and claim up to a $400 signup bonus. Also, take part in the referral program to earn more bonuses.

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Grifols Plasma Referral Code: Enjoy A $400 Signup Bonus

If you’re intrigued by the idea of making a positive impact on others while enjoying some extra perks for yourself, you’re in the right place.

We have previously shared bonuses from companies like PayPal and Payoneer from the finance sector. But this time, let’s talk about some positive changes.

By using our exclusive Grifols Plasma referral code DONOR400, you open the door to up to a $400 New donor bonus in your first four donations. The exact amount varies based on factors like your weight, center location, and current plasma demand.

On top of that, you can also take part in the Grifols Buddy Bonus program to make more through your referral invites. So, try Grifols today and unlock a new door of plasma donation.

Landing page of the Grifols Plasma website.

How To Apply The Referral Code On The Grifols Plasma Website/App?

Those who have already used our popular codes, such as the GO2bank promo code or Key Bank bonus code, already know that it is very easy to claim bonuses with our codes. And Grifols is no different, either.

Follow the steps below, donate your plasma on a regular basis, and claim your bonus from Grifols.

  • Visit Grifols: Navigate to the official site of Grifols or download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Signup As A New Donor: Click on the “Ready To Donate” button placed at the top-right corner.
  • Fill Up The Details: Enter your basic details, such as your name, email ID, and contact number.
  • Use Our Referral Code: Navigate to the referral or promo code section and use our Grifols referral code DONOR400.
  • Book Your First Donation: Once the registration is done, book your first donation.
  • Donate Your Plasma: Visit the donation center and donate your plasma. You must also donate twice within six months to become an active donor.
  • Claim Your Reward: Once your second plasma donation is successful, you’ll automatically receive the joining bonus. You’ll receive the bonus till your 7th

On a different note, do you use Cash App for your regular transactions? If yes, you can now easily claim a $5 signup bonus just by opening a new account on Cash App. So, don’t miss this exclusive deal, too.

Grifols Plasma Promo Codes: Unlock More Rewards

We have previously shared Kora promo codes and Shakepay bonus codes. And we are certain that you all have benefited from those codes. So, it is time for some Grifols promo codes as well.

Use any of the working codes mentioned below and claim extra bonuses and rewards in 2024.

  • DONOR30
  • DONOR100
  • GET400
  • BUDDY400

Stay tuned for Grifols Plasma promo codes on our website that can further enhance your donation experience. Keep an eye on the website or app for exclusive offers and opportunities.

You can also follow the social media handles of Grifols Plasma, as they also offer periodic bonuses through their channels.

Donation process listed on the Grifols Plasma website.

Grifols Plasma Bonuses And Promotions: Claim Rewards

We have previously seen companies offering a $10 signup bonus or a $20 signup bonus. However, Grifols is offering way more than that. However, the signup bonus is not the only available bonus.

Curious about the extra perks? Grifols Plasma doesn’t disappoint. Check out some of the other bonuses available right now.

  • Grifols Buddy Bonus Program: For every friend you invite using your unique Grifols Referral code who completes their first donation, enjoy a $150 Referral bonus through the Grifols Buddy Bonus Program.
  • Periodic Bonus: Regular donors can earn additional rewards, ranging from gift cards to bonus payments or even coveted raffle entries.
  • Grifols Donor Loyalty Program: Join the loyalty program, accumulate points for each donation, and redeem them for cash or other exciting rewards such as merchandise, movie tickets, or travel vouchers.
  • Exclusive Rewards: Enjoy special benefits like priority service, free health screenings, and invitations to exclusive events, making your contribution even more rewarding.
  • Up To $1,000 Bonus: New donors can earn up to $1,000 for their first 7 donations, with increasing payments per donation. Start with $45 for the first and watch it grow to $65 for the fifth donation.

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iOS app of Grifols Plasma.

What Is Grifols Plasma?

Grifols Plasma is a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with rare and special ailments. Picture it as a health superhero, using the liquid part of your blood, called plasma, to craft medicines that can transform lives.

Think of plasma as a treasure trove of healing powers, and Grifols is the wizard that extracts its magic to create treatments for conditions like hemophilia and immune disorders.

This health company, born in a Barcelona laboratory in 1940, has evolved into a global force, supplying crucial plasma-derived products worldwide.

But here’s the unique twist – Grifols Plasma isn’t just about making medicines. It’s about harnessing the goodwill in people like you, who are willing to give a part of themselves to help others.

So, when you donate plasma at a Grifols center, you’re not just giving blood; you’re offering the gift of life. It’s a journey of compassion, community, and making a real impact on the world.

Donation program listed on the Grifols Plasma website.

Features Of Grifols Plasma

Every new company that is entering the US market is now offering unique features. We have previously seen companies like Marcus Bank and Green Dot offering exclusive features to get clients onboard.

Grifols is also known for its unique features. Check out some of the best features:

  • Massive Presence: Grifols Plasma operates over 250 centers in the US and has expanded into Canada, contributing to a global industry worth over $24 billion.
  • Reward Visa Card: Donors are compensated with a prepaid Visa card, making the process both altruistic and rewarding.
  • FDA Approved: Rest assured, Grifols adheres to strict standards and is approved by regulatory bodies like the FDA, ensuring the safety and efficacy of the donation process.
  • Easy Scheduling: Conveniently schedule appointments online or by phone, or simply walk in. The donation process takes 90 minutes to two hours, and you can donate twice a week.
  • Grifols DonorHub: Grifols DonorHub simplifies your plasma donation journey. Update personal information, check past visit details, and schedule donations hassle-free.

We have seen such companies that offer up to a $25 signup bonus. However, most companies don’t offer the same features that Grifols now offer. So, you can technically consider it much ahead of its top competitors.

Final Note

Joining the Grifols Plasma community not only allows you to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need but also offers a plethora of rewards and bonuses for your generosity.

Don’t miss out—use the Grifols Plasma referral code DONOR400 and embark on a journey of giving that keeps on giving!


Absolutely. Grifols Plasma follows stringent standards, is FDA-approved, and has a rich history as a global leader in plasma-derived products.

While specific policies may vary, Grifols Plasma is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of both donors and recipients.

Grifols Plasma operates over 250 centers in the US and has expanded into Canada, showcasing its global presence.

Yes, Grifols Plasma offers various bonuses, including referral bonuses, loyalty program rewards, and periodic bonuses for regular donors.

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