Trunow Referral Code: $2 Signup Bonus + 2% Cashback On Gas

Wouldn’t you feel happy if you got a cashback offer along with a little signup bonus? If yes, then claim a $2 welcome bonus by using the exclusive Trunow referral code 1JB4LF. The bonus amount will be credited directly to your Trunow account.

We have previously seen companies like Merryfield offering the same welcome bonus from the cashback industry in the USA. There are even companies that offer up to a $10 signup bonus just to use their cashback apps.

However, Trunow offers much more than just the signup bonus. You can use that app to get up to 2% cashback from a wide range of gas stations and Trunow partner stores. So, don’t miss this exclusive deal and start using this brilliant cashback app.

Use the exclusive Trunow referral code 1JB4LF and claim a $2 signup bonus. Also, enjoy up to 2% cash back on gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants.

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Trunow Referral Code: Get A $2 Signup Bonus

It is not new to get a signup bonus, especially if the company is from the cashback industry, which is seeing stark competition these days. We have previously shared Rakuten codes with which users have claimed up to a $25 signup bonus.

Now, we are back again with another great player from the American cashback industry. Although Trunow is a relatively new player, if you compare it with top players like Rakuten, it is offering a great welcome bonus to each of its users.

You can now enjoy a $2 welcome bonus when you use the Trunow referral code 1JB4LF during the registration process. All you need is to download the app and use the code while opening a new account for the first time.

The reward amount will be credited to your Trunow wallet within minutes. Besides, you’ll also enjoy up to a 2% cashback to refill your tank from a wide range of gas stations throughout the USA. So, start using this fantastic app.

Homepage of the Trunow website.

How To Apply The Trunow Referral Code?

It is pretty easy! If you have previously used our Upside promo codes to claim your bonus, you must have already enjoyed the easiness of using our codes. And this time, we are back with a new welcome offer.

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below to claim your Trunow welcome bonus as a new user.

  • Send The Link: Visit the official site of Trunow and enter your phone number to get the app download link.
  • Download The App: Click on the received link to download the Trunow app (you can also directly download it from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store).
  • Signup For A New Account: Click on the “Signup” button to start the registration process.
  • Enter Your Details: Type your basic details, such as your name and email ID, in the blank fields.
  • Use Our Code: Click on the referral code field and use the Trunow referral code 1JB4LF.
  • Enjoy Your Reward: Once you use it successfully, you’ll get the $2 signup bonus credited to your in-app wallet within minutes.
  • Scan And Earn: Start earning cashbacks for scanning receipts of all your spending at gas stations, restaurants, and grocery shops.

On a different note, are you not using Cash App yet? If not, it is the right time to start using this brilliant money transfer app. And with our Cash App code, you can now also claim a $5 signup bonus as a new user.

Trunow Promo Codes: Unlock Exclusive Rewards!

From e-commerce to retail, from ridesharing to investment, every company in the American market is now offering incredible bonuses and attractive offers to get new users. We have already seen companies like Temu and Quince offering grand bonuses.

Trunow follows the same principle by offering amazing bonuses through unique promo codes. Just use any of the Trunow promo codes mentioned below to unlock signup bonuses and special rewards.

  • KFDFJ1
  • R3GQDK
  • SR09Q9
  • ANUP9T
  • P60BSN

By the way, which credit card you are using for your regular spendings? Let us find you a great offer from Venmo. With the ongoing cashback offer of Venmo credit cards, you can now claim attractive rewards and extra cashback for each purchase. So, don’t forget to check out that deal, too.

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Trunow Bonuses And Promotions: More Rewards Awaits!

As we have already said, many companies from the cashback industry are offering grand bonuses and exclusive rewards. We have previously shared Receipt Hog codes with which you can also claim a bonus. Now, this Received Hog is another great company from the same industry.

Let’s get back to Trunow now! Besides the welcome bonus, Trunow also offers frequent special bonuses and exclusive promotions. Here are some of the best offers from Trunow.

  • At Least 1% Cashback: Get at least 1% cashback for every purchase from gas stations, grocery shops, and restaurants.
  • Up To 2% Cashback: Enjoy 2% flat cashback on every purchase from the Trunow partner stores.
  • Free Entry Ticket: Trunow offered Powerball tickets to users from eligible states, although this promotion is currently unavailable.
  • Exclusive Deals: Get specialized deals exclusive to your area and claim up to 5% cashback.

Besides Trunow, you can also use ShopKick to get cashback for shopping online or offline. For every eligible purchase, you’ll receive reward points that they call “Kicks.” You can then redeem those kicks to get rewards.

iOS app of Trunow listed on Apple App Store.

What Is Trunow?

Trunow is like your friendly shopping buddy in the world of apps. It’s a cool, next-gen app that hooks you up with awesome deals from stores right when you need them. Imagine getting instant discounts or cashback offers while you shop – that’s Trunow for you!

Here’s the deal: You, as a Trunow user, get these sweet, on-the-spot offers from stores. And stores? Well, they get a nifty platform to connect with you, making sure you find the best stuff and keep coming back for more. It’s a win-win!

Plus, when you fill up your gas at Trunow partner stations, they give you a nice 2% cashback. Even if it’s not a partner station, you still get 1% cashback. Easy money!

And it’s not just about shopping – Trunow helps you find the cheapest gas in town. Just let the app know where you are, and it’ll show you the best gas prices around.

Landing page of the Trunow website.

Unique Features Of Trunow

There are many companies from the cashback industry, such as Rebatesme and GoCashbak, that offer innovative features besides attractive rewards. Trunow is also an innovative cashback app that provides a ton of new features.

Here are some of the best features of Trunow that you’ll surely love.

  • Real-Time Offers: Trunow provides users with instant, targeted deals from retailers, ensuring you snag discounts and cashback right when you need them.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Earn rewards with every purchase at any retailer, every single time, making Trunow a go-to for those who love getting a little extra every time they shop.
  • Cashback On Gas: Fill up at Trunow partner gas stations and get a remarkable 2% cashback, while even non-partner stations reward you with 1% cashback, sweetening the deal on every gas purchase.
  • Location-Based Savings: Besides finding the cheapest gas prices in your area, Trunow helps you locate gas stations offering rebates and cashback on their products, ensuring you save money and get perks on the go.

Don’t forget to visit our website regularly, as we include new bonuses, promotions, rewards, and special features on a regular basis. Also, follow us on social media as well to get new codes each day!

Final Note

Many companies these days are offering a $50 bonus and even up to a $100 welcome reward for every user. However, in most offers, there are some conditions attached. But this is not the case for Trunow. You don’t need to do anything other than use the code and then start scanning recipes to get both the reward and cashback.

So, use the exclusive Trunow referral code 1JB4LF to claim a $2 signup bonus in 2024. Secure up to 2% cashback for all your purchases from your favorite grocery stores, restaurants, eateries, and gas stations. Start your journey NOW!


Yes, Trunow is a legitimate platform backed by venture capital. It’s a trusted mobile rewards app connecting users and retailers, offering real-time deals and cashback.

Trunow connects users and retailers through a location-based mobile rewards app. Users receive timely offers, and retailers use it as a marketing platform, resulting in increased sales and loyal customers.

You can earn 2% cashback when fueling up at Trunow partner gas stations and 1% cashback at non-partner stations, making every gas purchase a money-saving opportunity.

Trunow allows users to cash out their earnings easily. You can now use your PayPal account to get the amount directly from Trunow.

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