Revolut Referral Code: Get $50 Welcome Bonus + 1% Cashback

Looking for an all-in-one money app? Did you know you can score a sweet $50 bonus? Sign up with our exclusive Revolut referral code REVKAKUT to get your money app adventure started with a bonus boost.

Most financial and money-transfer apps offer around a $5 sign-up bonus, which is quite a standard practice in the USA. However, a few companies also offer up to a $10 sign-up bonus. But what Revolut is offering is simply unthinkable.

Revolut makes managing your finances convenient with free debit cards, global money transfers, easy travel spending, and mobile access to crypto and stocks. So, let’s find out why over 20 million customers trust Revolut for transactions, trading, budgeting, and everyday banking needs worldwide.

Use our exclusive Revolut referral code REVKAKUT during the registration process and claim a $50 sign-up bonus. Also, get a chance to enjoy a free premium membership.

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Revolut Referral Code: Claim A $50 Welcome Bonus

Have you heard of the popular financial app Revolut? It offers free debit cards, cheap currency exchange, crypto trading, budgeting tools, and more. Well, we also want to share an awesome Revolut referral code, REVKAKUT, with you.

When you sign up for a Revolut account using our code, you’ll get a sweet $50 welcome bonus added to your account! All you have to do is enter REVKAKUT during the registration process, and the bonus is yours.

We indeed think you’ll love using Revolut as much as we do. It’s an easy way to manage money across multiple currencies and split bills with friends. You can find striking similarities with Remitly if you have ever used it.

Plus, you can start trading cryptos with their built-in exchange. And who can say no to a free $50? Give it a try with our referral code today! You can also try the Pangea promo code as well to get more benefits.

Landing page of the Revolut website.

How To Use The Revolut Referral Code?

Taking advantage of the Revolut referral code is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. When you sign up for a new Revolut account, you’ll be able to enter our promo code REVKAKUT to score the $50 bonus.

If you have claimed bonuses through our Payoneer promo codes, you already know how easy the process is. Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Download the Revolut app on your Android or Apple device and tap the “Sign Up” button.
  2. On the registration page, type in your personal information and contact details.
  3. Enter your date of birth and your phone number where you want to receive the transactional OTPs.
  4. Once you reach the “Add a promo code” field, enter our Revolut referral code REVKAKUT exactly how it appears. The code is case-sensitive.
  5. Finish signing up, go through the KYC verification process, and load your account with a minimum of $20.
  6. You’ll then see the $50 bonus land in your Revolut account!

On a different note, Revolut is not the only one who is offering these amazing welcome bonuses and promotions. We have a dedicated segment with a list of US companies where you can easily claim up to a $20 sign-up bonus just by opening an account.

Revolut Promo Codes In 2024

Who doesn’t love a good promo code? Revolut promo codes are an awesome way to save money and get special perks when using the financial app. We have also already shared the ShareMoney codes, which you should also try.

Whether it’s fee-free money transfers, discounted Revolut card fees, or bonus cash in your account, promo codes give you extra value. You can score free bonus cash to spend or reduce or eliminate fees for services. It is also possible to get special discounted pricing. You can even try premium features at no cost.

Here are five great Revolut promo codes to take advantage of:

  • REVKAKUT: $50 welcome bonus
  • REVSUM22: 3 free money transfers
  • REVCRYPTO: No-fee crypto trades
  • REVPREM: 1-month Free Premium
  • REVMETAL: Free metal Revolut card

Besides Revolut, you can also use our PaySend promo code from the USA money-transfer industry. So, don’t miss your golden chance.

Featured cards on the Revolut website.

Revolut Bonuses And Promotions

Revolut is always rolling out new limited-time bonuses and promotions for both new and existing users. We think it’s a terrific way to maximize the value you get from the financial app. Even industry leaders like PayPal also do that.

The constant promotions keep things fresh and exciting. As a Revolut user, you’ll have regular opportunities to earn and save. Here are four current offers to check out:

  • 3 Free Transfers: Transfer money overseas up to 3 times per month without paying fees when you apply promo code REVSUM22 at checkout.
  • 1 Free Month of Premium: Experience premium account features like travel insurance, lounge access, and higher exchange amount limits for one month without fees using the promo code REVPREM.
  • Crypto Cash Back: Existing users can activate the Rev Crypto promo in-app and receive 1.5% cashback on any crypto purchases for a limited time.
  • 5 Free Stock Trades: Trade 5 times on Revolut’s stock trading platform without paying any commission fees when using the STOCKS5 promo code.

These offers incentivize usage while putting extra cashback, free months of Premium, and bonus transfer credits in your hands.

What Is Revolut?

Revolut is an online financial services company founded in 2015 that offers banking and payment services through its mobile app.

Headquartered in London with over 20 million customers, Revolut allows users to transfer money, exchange currencies at the interbank rate, buy cryptocurrencies, trade stocks, obtain insurance, and more.

Key features include free international money transfers, free debit cards, budgeting controls, expense tracking, mobile check deposits, and peer-to-peer payments. Revolut’s premium plans add travel medical insurance, lounge access, higher exchange limits, and crypto cash back.

With $904 million in funding and a valuation of $33 billion, Revolut aims to be a financial super-app for managing all money operations in one place. They even offer a $50 sign-up bonus to add value.

Its global user base conducts over 150 million transactions each month.

Revolut app listed on the Apple App Store.

What Are The Unique Features of Revolut?

With its slick mobile app and web interface, Revolut makes managing money a breeze no matter where you are. You can easily compare it with Zelle but for international payments and crypto.

But what sets it apart from traditional banks? Revolut has some killer unique features that bring great value.

  • Free Global Money Transfers: Send and receive money instantly without fees up to £5,000 a month. Great for international families and friends.
  • Crypto On The Go: Trade cryptocurrencies on the fly right in the Revolut app. Easy to buy, sell, hold, and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.
  • Budgeting Tools: Create spending categories, get insights on spending habits, set monthly budgets, save toward goals, and spend responsibly with tracking.
  • International Spending: Spend globally in 150+ currencies at the lowest interbank exchange rate every time. No markups or hidden fees.
  • Mobile Trading: Invest in stocks, ETFs, and commodities without commission fees right from your phone.

From money transfers to travel, Revolut empowers you to manage money conveniently. The features add up to a powerful financial friend in your pocket.

You can also check out Instarem from the money-transfer industry, as they also offer fantastic features.

Customer Support Of Revolut

Revolut makes it simple to get help when you need it. If you have previously used MoneyLion, you’ll find a bit of similarities.

Their customer support team is available through a variety of convenient channels. Contact them through:

  • In-App Chat: Direct 24/7 support
  • Email:
  • Contact Number: Call +37052143608 (24/7)
  • Twitter: @RevolutApp
  • Help Center: Self-service 24/7 online help center

No matter how you like to reach out, Revolut has customer care representatives ready to provide friendly and timely service.

Final Note

From innovative features to available promos, it’s clear why Revolut is a top financial app for so many people. They are now giving a stark competition to popular apps, such as WorldRemit.

Sign-up takes just minutes, and you can unlock a free $50 bonus when entering referral code REVKAKUT during the process. We hope this deep dive into Revolut gave you a taste of how much easier and more affordable managing money can be. Download the app and give it a try today. Happy spending and saving!


Yes, Revolut is a legitimate financial services company authorized to operate in the USA, UK, and Europe. It holds legal licenses for electronic money issuance and provides secure, regulated banking and trading services to over 20 million customers.

Revolut meets all data protection and financial security requirements to safely provide services in the United States. User money and data remain safeguarded under highly encrypted security protocols.

Revolut offers free money transfers, ATM withdrawals (up to a limit), currency exchange, crypto purchases, and standard debit card spending. Fees apply for custom Revolut card designs, extra ATM usage, priority overseas deliveries, and certain advanced features under Premium plans.

Yes, new Revolut app users can enter the promo code REVKAKUT during sign-up to receive a $50 welcome bonus added to their account. This referral code offers new customers a nice bonus when getting started.

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