Hugo Insurance Referral Code: $8 Signup Bonus + Up To 40% Off

Looking for a smarter way to buy and manage car insurance? Allow us to introduce you to Hugo Insurance. And with our exclusive Hugo Insurance referral code QD6XQQ, you can now claim an $8 welcome bonus plus up to 40% cashback.

There are very few companies like Acorns that offer around a $5 signup bonus. However, Hugo Insurance took it to a whole new level by offering a signup bonus and a cashback reward at the same time. Isn’t that a really sweet deal?

Hugo provides pay-as-you-drive coverage powered by usage-based data, so you only pay for the miles you actually drive. Whether you want to minimize insurance expenses or incentivize your own safe driving, innovative Hugo Insurance delivers.

Use our exclusive Hugo Insurance referral code QD6XQQ and claim an $8 welcome bonus as a new user. Also, get a chance to win up to 40% cashback on premiums.

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Hugo Insurance Referral Code: Claim A $8 Welcome Bonus

We have previously shared MoneyLion codes with which you can get a discounted account. And we have also shared the Zelle promotions that many of you have already used. Now, it’s time for some more!

Want to save money on your car insurance? We invite you to use our special Hugo Insurance referral code QD6XQQ when signing up. Simply enter it during registration, and you’ll get an $8 account credit plus up to 40% off your first policy premium.

We think this is a fantastic welcome deal for new Hugo customers. The savings can really add up, especially if you bundle multiple policies. And the referral bonus means you start with extra funds in your Hugo account.

We highly recommend taking just a minute to enter our code. You have nothing to lose and money to gain. Let the QD6XQQ code work its magic as you get protected with smart pay-as-you-go car insurance from Hugo!

Landing page of the Hugo Insurance website.

How To Use The Hugo Insurance Referral Code?

Want to unlock savings with the Hugo Insurance referral code? If you have previously used our Go2bank referral codes, you already know how easy it is to use our code.

Using our QD6XQQ promo code is also quite easy. Just follow these simple steps to claim your welcome bonus:

  1. Visit the Hugo Insurance website and hit “Get Started.”
  2. Select your zip code, and it will automatically fetch some pre-customized offers.
  3. Next, you’ll enter some basic personal info to get a quick quote.
  4. On the signup page, there is a “Have a promotion code?” section. Simply type our Hugo Insurance referral code QD6XQQ
  5. The money value of our referral offer should automatically update and apply to your policy premium.
  6. Finish signing up to activate your discounted Hugo Insurance account!
  7. As a final bonus, you’ll get an $8 account credit for using our referral. This can help cover your first few days using Hugo’s pay-per-mile insurance.

It only takes a minute to enter our Hugo referral code. Give it a try and start saving money with QD6XQQ today!

Hugo Insurance Promo Codes: 100% Working

Who doesn’t love a good promo code? You must have already enjoyed our TD Ameritrade and DCU Bank promo codes. Isn’t it?

We think discounts and rewards make everything better. That’s why we want to highlight some of the top Hugo Insurance promo codes that can score you bonus points and percentage-off savings.

Promo codes give you things like extra money off your policy prices and free cash to spend in the Hugo Insurance rewards mall. You’ll also get early unlocks for lower premium deduction rates. It’s absolutely worth taking a minute to find and enter codes like these:

  • QD6XQQ: Get $8 welcome bonus
  • DRIVENOW: 12% off first month
  • TRYHUGOTODAY: $5 rewards cash
  • SWITCHANDCLICK: For those switching insurance providers
  • CMHFREE30: First 30 miles/daily rate free

As you can see, Hugo promo codes can quickly add up to real savings. Try them out the next time you pay your mileage-based premium!

Get started feature on Hugo Insurance website.

Hugo Insurance Bonuses And Promotions

Hugo Insurance regularly has new bonuses and promotions to reward both loyal users and new customers. We think these seasonal deals make smart pay-as-you-go insurance even more attractive.

We have also shared the Fidelity referral codes, with which you can claim a $10 signup bonus or more. However, Hugo takes it a step forward by offering many amazing bonuses. Here are current examples of what they offer:

  • Assured Cashback: Claim up to a 12% cashback by becoming a rule-following driver. Qualifying safe drivers get a quarterly cash refund of over 10% automatically.
  • Drive Thru March: Drive anytime in March and earn up to 20% cashback to use towards April’s mileage charges.
  • Earth Month Green Miles: For current eco-friendly EV drivers, April miles are 33% off in honor of Earth Day.
  • Five-Star Savings: Maintain a 5-star safe driving score during Q2 and get 45% off your comprehensive coverage.

As you can see, there’s always a new promo happening for both new and existing Hugo customers to save money! You should check this page regularly to get the latest about the Hugo Insurance bonus.

What Is Hugo Insurance?

Hugo Insurance provides innovative pay-as-you-go car insurance powered by AI technology and real-time data. Founded in 2018 by CEO Jake Tamarkin, Hugo aims to reduce the cost of auto insurance via usage-based pricing models.

Hugo uses driver tracking apps, IoT sensors, and proprietary telematics to accurately tally each user’s driven miles. This allows highly customized per-mile insurance rates instead of inflated fixed premiums. We have seen this kind of revolutionary thing on Marcus Bank and Green Dot.

Over 200,000 users leverage Hugo’s app to monitor driving patterns, scores, and adjustable coverage options. The average customer saves $412 per year using Hugo’s dynamic usage pricing versus traditional providers.

The Silicon Valley insurtech startup has over $96 million in venture funding. Industry reports verify Hugo’s AI and algorithmic approach enables the lowest cost-per-mile coverage with advanced driver safety incentives. Hugo operates nationwide and continues rapid expansion.

Comparison listed on the Hugo Insurance website.

Unique Features Of Hugo Insurance

Hugo Insurance stands out from traditional providers thanks to its incredibly designed app and website. These digital platforms give you control over your dynamic policy options.

We have seen industry leaders like Key Bank offering unique features like this. So, let’s highlight what makes Hugo special:

  • Easy Per-Mile Payments: Their system flawlessly charges you by the mile, depending on real-time driving patterns. No more fixed bills, regardless of actual car use.
  • Custom Coverage Mixing: Most insurers offer rigid bundles. With Hugo, you can tweak coverage types and minimum/maximum to perfectly fit your needs.
  • Mileage & Safety Gamification: Hugo motivates safe driving by showing your score, star rating, mile averages, and how these tie to personalized premium discounts.
  • DIY Rewards Mall: Unlike cashback from others, Hugo rewards directly help lower your bill. You can actively choose how payouts apply via their marketplace catalog.
  • Instant Changes: Make a coverage switch, update car info, or file a claim 24/7 in their nimble app built for on-demand adjustments reflected in your very next drive.

Hugo combines the flexibility of usage plans with transparency tools you’ll love. Go beyond basic insurance to stay in control!

Customer Support of Hugo Insurance

Hugo Insurance makes it simple to get questions answered or issues resolved. Their Florida-based support team is available on:

  • Toll-Free Phone: 888-398-9383 (24/7 live agent)
  • Email: (typically replies within 1 business day)
  • Live Chat: Available on both app and site
  • Help & FAQS: Get answers to common queries

No matter what your preferred channel is, Hugo Insurance has thoughtful reps ready to provide individualized assistance.

Final Note

Hugo Insurance has revolutionized your car insurance experience. Don’t forget to use our special Hugo Insurance referral code QD6XQQ to maximize initial savings. At times, they even offer up to a $50 signup bonus.

Hugo’s innovative usage-based insurance model is helping drivers pay as they go while motivating safer operations via smart data. Driven by advanced technology for personalized coverage control, do yourself and your wallet a favor by trying Hugo today!


Yes, Hugo Insurance is a legitimate insurance company. They are registered and regulated in the USA to provide real pay-as-you-drive insurance policies. Hugo has an A- rating from insurance experts for its financial strength and customer service.

Hugo Insurance is an officially registered and compliant insurance carrier based out of Florida. They offer customizable usage-based car policies to drivers across the country.

No, at this time, Hugo Insurance only operates within the United States. They currently do not provide international insurance coverage or options for drivers outside of the US.

Cancelling your Hugo Insurance is easy. Just log into your account dashboard on their mobile app or website and find the cancellation link. You can choose your exact end date based on billing cycles. There are no cancellation fees, but your data may take 1 month to be fully cleared from their systems.

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