AdBlock Pro Referral Code: Get 1 Extra Premium Feature

Sick and tired of annoying ads disrupting your online experience? AdBlock Pro provides the gold standard for taking back clean, fast, and private web browsing across devices. With our AdBlock Pro referral code 45A0FA78, you can now unlock a premium feature without paying anything. Yes, it is absolutely free.

Several digital products and SaaS offer unique welcome bonuses to get new users onboard. Many companies even started giving a $5 signup bonus and up to $10 signup bonus just for new users. AdBlock Pro is no different, either.

Whether a long-time ad blocker fan or completely new to unlocking a distraction-free internet, this guide covers everything current and aspiring AdBlock Pro users need to know. So, without any further ado, let’s start!

Use our exclusive AdBlock Pro referral code 45A0FA78 while installing the plugin or extension and unlock one premium feature for free.

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AdBlock Pro Referral Code: Unlock Premium Features For Free

Looking to unlock premium features for free in AdBlock Pro? We’ve got you covered with an exclusive AdBlock Pro referral code. If you have already checked our Hugo Insurance codes, you know how useful these codes are.

When creating your new AdBlock Pro account, simply enter the code 45A0FA78 to instantly unlock one premium feature at no cost.

This handy referral code unlocks access to features like website whitelisting and advanced ad-blocking settings that can take your ad-free browsing experience to the next level.

As you know, AdBlock Pro is already one of the most powerful ad blockers out there. With the additional capabilities unlocked by this promo code, you’ll gain even more robust control and customization around which ads and trackers you allow on your favorite websites.

Best of all, the referral code gives you these premium capabilities absolutely free. Be sure to take advantage of this great offer by using the AdBlock Pro referral code 45A0FA78 when signing up for a fresh AdBlock Pro account today.

You will love the extra ad-blocking strength and features it unlocks! And don’t forget to check out our Bridge Money code, which also has some surprises for you.

Landing page of the AdBlock Pro website.

How To Apply The AdBlock Pro Referral Code?

Wondering how you can redeem the exclusive AdBlock Pro referral code? If you have previously used our Easy Bucks codes, you already know how easy it is to apply our codes.

Using this promo code to unlock premium features is easy and straightforward. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the AdBlock Pro website and click on the signup button to create your free account.
  2. On the account creation page, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address and set up a secure password.
  3. Make sure to enter your basic details in the designated fields.
  4. The code field is clearly visible on this page. Simply copy and paste in the AdBlock Pro referral code 45A0FA78 to apply it.
  5. Finish creating your AdBlock Pro account by agreeing to the terms of use.
  6. Go to your account settings and unlock one premium feature for free.

That’s all there is to it! By entering referral code 45A0FA78 during signup, you can instantly unlock an extra premium feature free of charge.

It’s a fantastic way to access more robust ad-blocking capabilities without paying anything. Give this special promo code a try once you create your AdBlock Pro account.

AdBlock Pro Promo Codes For 2024

Who doesn’t love saving money and getting free stuff? That’s why AdBlock Pro promo codes are so popular among new users signing up for premium accounts. We have also shared Revolut and Ria Money promo codes that also unlock extra bonuses.

These special coupon codes of AdBlock give you great discounts on paid subscriptions, allowing you to access the full suite of robust ad-blocking features for less. Promo codes also frequently unlock free access to premium tools and settings as a bonus.

  • ADBLOCK20: 20% off your first year
  • TRYADBLOCK: First month free
  • FREEMONTH: 30 days premium free
  • ADFREE50: Half off six-month plan
  • PREMIUMFREE: 1 week of premium free

As you can see, AdBlock Pro promo codes hook you up with reduced subscription rates, free premium trials, and more.

Be sure to take advantage of them when creating a new account to maximize savings and get premium functionality at no extra cost. These special codes make the leading ad blocker an even greater value.

AdBlock Pro app listed on Apple App Store.

AdBlock Pro Bonuses And Promotions

The top-rated AdBlock Pro doesn’t just offer an unmatched ad-blocking experience; it also provides its users with an array of valuable bonuses and promotions. We have previously seen Receipt Pal doing that to get a stronghold of the US market.

As one of the most generous products in the category, AdBlock Pro frequently unveils exciting new deals and perks for both new and existing users. Some of the recent bonuses and deals you can find include:

  • New User Promotion: Get your first two weeks of premium access completely free to try out all advanced features.
  • Loyalty Discount: Save 25% off your next yearly subscription renewal by sticking with AdBlock Pro.
  • Referral Bonus: Unlock six months of premium by referring three friends to create accounts.
  • Holiday Deal: AdBlock Pro usually offers discounted multi-year plans during the holiday season.

These special offers add even more incentive to try out this premium ad blocker. Current AdBlock Pro users can benefit, too, by taking advantage of promotions to extend subscriptions at a discounted rate. It’s a win-win for everyone!

AdBlock Pro does an excellent job delivering recurring promotions and specials to every type of user. Jump on these deals to maximize the savings and perks you receive from the best ad blocker available today.

What Is AdBlock?

AdBlock Pro is an advanced ad-blocking software with over 10 million combined users on Chrome and Firefox.

First launched in 2015, it blocks ads, pop-ups, and trackers using several blocking methods, including crowdsourced filter lists, heuristics, whitelist/blacklist functionality, and in-app annoyance reporting.

AdBlock Pro features real-time automatic updates to block the latest obtrusive ad formats. Key metrics include being able to block over 90% of banner ads, 92% of Facebook ads, 95% of YouTube pre-roll video ads, and over 55,000 website cookie tracking scripts.

The premium version unlocks more robust features and ad removal capabilities powered by a worldwide community submitting annoyance reports.

TechRadar rated AdBlock Pro 4.5/5 stars for providing excellent protection, customization, speed, and device cross-compatibility on desktop and mobile.

Features listed on the AdBlock Pro website.

Unique Features Of AdBlock

Features are unique ways to add value to the actual product, especially if it is a digital one. Even Merryfield and TruNow offer unique features to get a decent market share.

AdBlock Pro has quickly emerged as the premier choice for removing intrusive ads across devices. But what really makes AdBlock Pro stand out from the pack? Let’s explore some of its best-in-class capabilities:

  • AI-Powered Ad Blocking: Uses advanced heuristics and machine learning to block even non-listed ads based on their position/layout similarity to known ad formats.
  • Real-Time Filter Updates: Crowdsourced annoyance reports from users feed into constant filter list updates that block new ad variants right away.
  • Cross-Device Syncing: Sync your ad-blocking settings across mobile, desktop, laptops, etc., so customized preferences carry over system-wide.
  • Site-Specific Customization: Fine-tuned control lets you easily whitelist favorite sites or blacklist any sites from ad blocking individually.
  • Anti-Circumvention Engine: The special module maintains blocking effectiveness even against ad script obfuscation and rotation tricks used by many sites.

These uniquely robust and automated ad removal capabilities demonstrate why AdBlock Pro remains the gold standard for taking back a clean, fast, and private web browsing experience.

Customer Support Of AdBlock Pro

AdBlock Pro understands the importance of responsive customer service. That’s why we provide multiple convenient channels for getting the answers and assistance you need. Contacting our helpful support team is quick and easy via:

  • Email: (replies within 24 hours)
  • Live Chat: 24/7 available on the website
  • Social Media: Twitter (X) and Facebook page

No matter what issue you may encounter, our stellar customer support has your back. Reach out through any method that works best so we can provide timely solutions.

Final Note

AdBlock Pro lives up to the hype with its top-rated ad blocking and array of helpful customer promos. Commit to your digital privacy today by restoring a fast, clean, and focused browsing experience using AdBlock Pro.

By applying our AdBlock Pro referral code 45A0FA78 at signup, you can access all the extra premium perks for no cost at all. Join over 10 million worldwide users in enjoying a superior web browsing experience with AdBlock Pro.


Yes, AdBlock Pro is completely safe to use. It is designed by a reputable company and used by over 10 million customers without any security issues. The ad-blocking features operate entirely locally within your browser to filter content and do not pass any private browsing data externally.

AdBlock Pro offers a forever free version that still blocks ads from most major networks. It includes basic functionality like banner ad blocking and tracking script removal. There is also a free trial of the premium version.

AdBlock Pro has browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge. So, it is fully compatible with all major desktop internet browsers. Mobile browser compatibility is more limited, but iOS Safari and Android Chrome extensions are still available.

You can instantly unlock all premium advanced features in AdBlock Pro by signing up for a paid plan through their website. Alternatively, new users can also activate premium temporarily for free by applying the special referral code 45A0FA78 during new account creation.

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